Another new member


I posted this under an older thread but realised my potential mistake. (Anyhow I’ll post as a new thread)

Hi All! Ed here - I have just signed up as a member having visited earlier and having a tour and brew with Tom (absolute pleasure mate thank you!).

I’ve worked in IT (especially programming) for more years than I care to remember - starting with Sinclair BASIC on the ZX-81 (showing my age eh?) and swiftly moving on to Z80a Assembly language. After that it was GW-BASIC then straight into C (Borland at the time) and C++.

Since then I’ve used and become fluent in many languages but on the whole the thrill is just to be mucking about with computers.

I was head of IT for St Ann’s Hospice in Manchester and also WIllowbrook in St Helens during which time I wrote software that is still used today on MS platforms with SQL back ends.

I now use JAVA and B4A to write software for Android devices especially interfaces via BLE and Wi-Fi for electronic circuits that I build (a recent interest and something I really want to learn more about).

I am insanely lucky in that at 48 years old I’m sort of semi retired and now just work on things that interest me and generally pay some of the bills.

I also love the outdoors, walking, mountaineering, wild camping etc.

I called in with the idea of getting access to the joinery area for a future business project but just looking round - well - I now want to dig out my old SLR cameras and do some B&W work in the dark room, get on down with the coding club, play some board games and learn how to knit better than I can right now.

Yup - Very excited to join in!


Welcome Ed!

Pleasure to meet you. Looking forward to seeing you at the Hackspace in the future! :slight_smile: