Beef bulgogi with green beans


page_title: "Beef bulgogi with green beans"
recipe_category: "Beef"
recipe_name: "Beef Bulgogi"
recipe_heading: "You want beef?"
recipe_source: "Gousto recipe:7593"
img_path: "images/bulgogi.jpg"
img_alt: "Banging beef bulgogi"
difficulty: "Easy"
cooking_time_minutes: 20
  Apple: 1
  Garlic: 1
  Fresh ginger: 30g
  Spring onion: 1
  Sesame oil: 30ml
  Soy sauce: 30ml
  Low Fat Beef Mince: 250g
  Basmati rice: 130g
  Green beens: 160g

  - cook beef

  - Cut the green beans in half.
  - Add the rice to 300mls of water with a lid and bring to the boil on a low high heat, Once it's boiling reduce to low and cook for 15mins or until the water is absorbed.
  - Finely chop or grate your ginger.
  - Slice your spring onion keep the green and white parts separate.
  - Grate the apple with the skin on into a large bowl.
  - Add the beef, ginger, garlic, and sliced onion whites into the bowl with the soy sauce and sesame oil adding 2 tsp of sugar brown works best and mix thoroughly.
  - Heat a large pan with a tsp of oil and add the mince mixture along with the green beans.
  - Spread the mixture over the pan and cook for 4 mins, don't stir it!
  - After 4 mins flip the meat and cook for another 4 mins, once this is done remove the heat and and break up the mixture with a wooden spoon.
  - Once the rice is cooked add the green parts of the spring onion and mix up with a fork, adding salt and pepper to taste.
  - Serve.