Gaming night at HACKSPACE


I’ve started helping out at hackspace and thought a game night would be fun. Would anyone be interested? And if so would there be any help with donations of games or consoles? Any kind of contribution would be awesome. The original idea is to have a tournament, so any sort of game that you favor could be brought along, snacks included. Hopefully it’d be a really enjoyable and social night in a chilled environment.


We would be interested in this!


Yes please. We will come too. MarioKart or PS3 games would be great.


Me and mine are up for this. We can bring along a Nintendo wii, a wii u and a PS3. I’m not sure what titles we’ve got that are great for tournaments but we’ve mario kart and some nes stuff on the wii u.


Sounds fab Jamie, you can count The Skulls in! :slight_smile: I’m sure we’ll be able to
bring a console or 2 on the night too. x


Sounds good to me, any dates yet? Can’t go wrong with bomberman, Mario Kart, golden eye, various street fighters, a version of worms if you can get it.


Awesome, what consoles? just so I can get some titles for it


That would be great thanks, andjust any sort of mulitplayer title would be fine ^^


Just computer games? Would anyone be interested if I brought some board games. Carcassonne, Ticket to ride, Patchwork, Pandemic, Funghi & Tsauro are the ones I have.
But I’m definitely up for a go at mega bomberman. X


I’m a lot more boring and would be up for chess.


I think we can branch out into board games (chess included @Keir_Stitt) too, if that’s what what people are into playing… we were also thinking that it might be a good idea to combine this event with a drone club.

We’re planning for Drone Club to be held once a month on a Saturday afternoon, 2 - 4:30 PM followed by Gaming Night from 7 - 10 PM starting on Saturday 3 September.

Bring your own drone if you’d like to fly!

We’ll need everyone’s help to get enough consoles/emulators/games together, if you have something that you’re able to bring along please mention here in this thread, so we can plan ahead, making sure we’ve got everything we need :slight_smile:


game night sounds awesome xD


I’ve got a couple of Dreamcast consoles, I can bring one along, plus some PS2 games.


Next gaming night is on Saturday 26 November, get your tickets via eventbrite!


Let me know which games/consoles you like us to arrange on loan from GAME Leigh :slight_smile:


wii-u and MarioKart?


i can supply a wii u and mario kart if that helps


Thanks great, thanks @Clair. Anymore for anymore?


If push came to shove I could bring my PS4 if anyone wanted a go. I’d love to try out some VR stuff if Game can provide it.


Hi, is this still happening on Nov 25th?

I’m thinking of bringing my daughter along and some games but wondering what to bring.

I have a few old consoles and emulators. Also a few board games as well.

What do people tend to bring along and are thetre TVs available?