HackSpace magazine and medievil car-park warfare


Hi all!

Has anybody else got their free copy of the new HackSpace magazine?

If not - here’s a quick review (I am not affiliated with them in any way I should add!).

I signed up for a MagPi subscription a few months ago and had an email through about this new publication and would I like a copy. I did, then I completely forgot about it until yesterday when it landed in my postbox.

I’ve got to say I think it’s brilliant. It doesn’t foocus on any one subject - this copy features stuff like overclocking a Pi but also smoking your own bacon, basic welding skills, woodworking and music. I find it well written too.

Even better (sort of) is you can read it online for free each month on the same day it is sent out to subscribers in print.

Personally I’ll be getting a subscription (partly to support a pretty cool idea but mainly because I like getting things through the post that aren’t bills and I do like to step away from a computer screen occasionally).

You can have a look at it here

One article peaked my interest more than the rest though and that is how to build a 3ft Trebuchet (a type of seige engine in case you didn’t know).

I reckon between us we could knock up a couple of these over the next few months then when it’s warm again next summer drag them out onto the car park, load them up with water balloons, and battle it out to the death!

See you in the week!