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Meet my one handed (right handed) keyboard I’m starting to get friendly with for use in anger in a couple of months.
Based on a Lily58 with a customised QMK firmware to reflect a right handed FrogPad, a discontinued early 2000s one handed keyboard.

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This is my latest project

Made a dumb, simple busy light from a ESP8266 and a RGB LED.

Wrote some code to make it available via a web interface and Telegram, but later switched it to use ESPHome, making it available to use in Home Assistant.



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thats cool!, i’ve been flirsting with the idea of setting up HA - i’ve got a ZZH and a pi running but i’ve always been busy with something else now that the space is open, perhaps I’ll soldier on with it xD

the way i envision it working is i pass the ZZH device over to a docker container and play with it that way using MQTT or something but then i’ve gotta go figure out where all my lights are xD

Same sort of setup in my house. HA and zigbee2mqtt with a ZZH!, I have both the apps in my Kubernetes cluster and use ser2sock to export the ZZH as a tcp port.

Works super well, only issue i’ve ever had is some IKEA kitchen lights going wild and spamming the zigbee network until they were removed.

haha well my kitchen light isnt zigbee so that’ll be ok - most of my other lights are :eyes: