Interested in Joining


So, hi. I’m considering joining.

I’m a CS graduate, with an interest in hacking some stuff together. Only similar venture I’ve done to this was something I really enjoyed.

Something I’m a novice at is electronics, its always interested me - and I have a lot of equipment which I’ve amassed via impulse buying over the years, but never really progressed with. Seems like I only do so when its a bit of a social venture. So the thing I wanted to ask, how many people do electronics stuff at the Leigh Makerspace?


Hi Andy,

We have a few people who are interested in electronics and we actually run an electronics club on a Thursday evening along side a Code Club. You are more than welcome to pop down and have a chat with some of the members who, I am sure, will be able to answer any questions you have. I will tag @Tim_Jennings into this as Tim is our core team member on electronics.

Thank you for your enquiry, I hope you find what you are looking for at the Hackspace and look forward to welcoming you as a member.




Hi Andy,

We have 2-3 ‘regulars’ that come specifically for the electronics night on Thursdays, it would be good to add another to that!

There are quite a few members at the hackspace coming from a CS background but with an interest in tinkering with electronics so you are not alone there and many of those members attend the code club that we run along side on Thursday so there should be plenty of people to get chatting to. See you down there!



Okay, that sounds great. I’ll try to pop by on Thursday then.