Introduce Yourself to the Hackspace!


Hi all,

I’m Alex, a web developer for Kane International and Elephant Branded. I live in Leigh and work in Atherton, so a real world traveller.

Is there an introduce yourself category? Apologies if I missed it, please re-categorise if so.

Just to give you a bit of an introduction of how I got here…

I’ve been a member and attendee of the NWRUG/ mailing list for a while now and a few months ago @pacharanero contacted the group interested in setting up an ember.js user group. I’m also very interested in learning this. He mentioned using Leigh Hackspace as a venue. This was a bit of wow moment for me as I lived in Leigh and had absolutely no idea there was a hackspace.

I made contact and promised I’d call in at some point. So far I’ve not had chance.

So I’ve signed up for a monthly donation and plan on getting in there soon.

That’s about it!

Looking forward to meeting you all.


Welcome Alex, looking forward to meeting you too.


Hi Alex, great to meet you, thanks for joining and for setting up a regular payment. Do you think you would be able to make it along to Code Club tonight (Thursdays) 6-8pm?

Oh, and spread the word about us! I’m aware that even in the local tech sector there are a lot of people who don’t know about our existence!



You also raised a good point about the need for an Introduce Yourself thread, I agree there should be one, so I’ve repurposed this one.



I doubt I’ll be able to make the one tonight but will definitely come to the one next week.


Hi Alex,

Would be great to have another addition to the coding clubs.

Just a quick FYI…There are always technical puns being thrown around! @Alex_Sumner!!! :wink:


Hullo I’m Hannah unfortunetly unemployed but a volunteer with hacspace & Lilford Park. I’m a textile/craft person, sewing both machine & hand, painting, weaving that sort of thing, but also interested in tech too - observing as am quite clumsy! Also interested in making stuff happen e.g hack days & hopefully more. I also bake cake for the hackspace, which usually disappears & have had no complaints (so far!) Will make proposed flavours if asked nicely.


Hello, I am Mike. I work in a Saloon, pulling sht pints for sht wages (I will love anyone who gets that reference)
I am interested in lots of tech stuff, really interested seeing the reel to reel get up and running. I would like to get into the code club, I know some VERY basic HTML, which helped me design my web page, and would love to learn some new skills within that field.
I am an electronic music artist, I use the software FLStudio which I have been using for around the last 15 years. Had numerous releases online ( and will have my first ever Vinyl release this year, which has been a dream of mine for a long time.
I am really enjoying Hackspace, it is a really nice environment. I will be donating next payday, and have an idea for a fundraiser which I am about to post.
Hope to meet more of you soon and get more involved.


Hi Mike, good to meet you and hope to see you in Hackspace soon. Get
yourself along to Code Club (Thursday nights) and we can get you going
along the path to coding. If you are prepared to put in the hours learning
code, it’s a good way to earn good money for interesting work.



Hi guys, I am Nathan. I currently work as a sysadmin for a college in the St Helens area. I am interested in all things tech. I would love to get into the code club to brush up on my programming as I’ve not done much programming in a while. I would also love to learn robotics and 3D printing and others things too.

In regards to coding, I mainly do scripting (Powershell, Python, Bash, VBS) and usually just gather pieces of code and make them do something! I went to the hackspace last week (Thursday 13/07/17) and really enjoyed it, found the environment to be very friendly and welcoming… will be good to get to know the people here who have similar hobbies and interests to myself! I’m currently based in Orrell and am reliant on public transport until I pass my test unfortunately but will looking forward to coming again as soon as I can. I would just like to thank @JimPitt for introducing me to this space and for the lift back home which was greatly appreciated!

I will be looking to donate and become a member as soon as I get my next paycheck. I would love to be able to bring forward my systems and networking expertise to the place if it’s ever needed though I’m sure many of the members are technical enough already and have helped this way but happy to help if the need arises.


Welcome, Nathan. It was great you were able to come down and see what we do, especially as you don’t live near, and it took effort. Hope to see you here again soon.


Hello world. Just recently joined up with the hackspace and looking forward to create some pretty awesome things for hackspace.
I am very diverse in the talents i possess with the few examples including soldering, 3D printing and electronics however there are a few skills i would like to touch up on such as woodworking and sewing for later projects.
I hope i can help out with many things at the space and happy hacking :smile:


Welcome Raymond!

It was nice to meet you on Monday, I’m looking forward to seeing you often in the Hackspace :slight_smile:



Hello :wave:

I am interested in biological sciences and have just finished studying at the University of Liverpool. I am currently on a “vocation vacation”, hoping to learn how to build websites and applications, as well as improve my data handling expertise.

My interests include open access science, protocol and process automation. I am trying to connect with citizen scientists as well as from the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester to build a team of people that can take a project to the point of seeking funding.

Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help learn and contribute to Leigh Hackspace.

Best wishes,



Hi All! Ed here - I have just signed up as a member having visited earlier and having a tour and brew with Tom (absolute pleasure mate thank you!).

I’ve worked in IT (especially programming) for more years than I care to remember - starting with Sinclair BASIC on the ZX-81 (showing my age eh?) and swiftly moving on to Z80a Assembly language. After that it was GW-BASIC then straight into C (Borland at the time) and C++.

Since then I’ve used and become fluent in many languages but on the whole the thrill is just to be mucking about with computers.

I was head of IT for St Ann’s Hospice in Manchester and also WIllowbrook in St Helens during which time I wrote software that is still used today on MS platforms with SQL back ends.

I now use JAVA and B4A to write software for Android devices especially interfaces via BLE and Wi-Fi for electronic circuits that I build (a recent interest and something I really want to learn more about).

I am insanely lucky in that at 48 years old I’m sort of semi retired and now just work on things that interest me and generally pay some of the bills.

I also love the outdoors, walking, mountaineering, wild camping etc.

I called in with the idea of getting access to the joinery area for a future business project but just looking round - well - I now want to dig out my old SLR cameras and do some B&W work in the dark room, get on down with the coding club, play some board games and learn how to knit better than I can right now.

Yup - Very excited to join in!


hey hackspacers, long time listener, first time caller, i have finally joined today so i’m new to the group.

i’m a time-served freelance design engineering consultant with over 20 years of experience in design, substantiation and design and build / major epc projects and have a decent working knowledge of multi-discipline engineering and fabrication as well as a good working knowledge of civil construction.

i like nothing better that repairing or reusing items and making things, anything really. i’m an avid upcycler and have previously taken upcycling to the next level in participating in the design and build of an ‘earthship’ sustainable education centre built mostly from waste materials amongst many other projects of varying degrees of scale and complexity that i’ve completed or been involved in.

i’m looking forward to meeting you all at some point and getting stuck into some interesting projects over at the hackspace.

best regards,



Hi there. I’m Adam. My wife and I popped down to the code club briefly this evening and had a look around. So psyched to finally live near a hackspace, so we’ve just joined.

I’m from a film and photography background, but have recently been teaching myself Android development as well as general household DIY.

I have a keen interest in rekindling my electronics knowledge (studied it at GCSE years ago).

Looking forward to getting to know you guys. I plan on dropping in on the fixing cafe this weekend.



Welcome, both. Glad the cold didn’the put you off. We are a really good
bunch and you will enjoy Hackspace immensely. Hope to see you again very
Katie (woman with the frizzy hair who was adjacent to you).


Hi, I’m Ade. I joined mainly because of Code Club. At the moment I’m interested in command line and webdesign. I have done some programming a long time ago, so I would like to get back to java, php or python. I have trouble deciding on what to build, because I want the site or program to be useful right now.
I’m pretty obsessed with life logging. Mainly to build new habits, track health symptoms and cope with anxiety better. I really want to find or build some tools to better visualise the data I’m gathering from different sources.

My current projects are:
making a media centre using a raspberry pi 3
experimenting with wordpress as a data logging tool for symptoms and finding patterns
fixing objects or troubleshooting pcs

I’m looking forward to the sewing classes as I’ve been making alterations to clothes and home stuff for several years now, but I haven’t tried creating something new. Then maybe try to add some electronics, or combine crochet and knitting into something which has a useful function.
Hopefully I’ll get a chance to try the 3D printer.


Hi all,

I’m Gareth a local artist and youth worker. I’ve used a wide variety of mediums over the years to make my work from film & photography and on to sculpture. I heard about the hackspace only recently, and called into have look around. I can’t express how pleased I was with what I found and how great it is to have a community like this in Leigh.

I’m currently trying to get a project off the ground, working with young people to make work derived from their local environments (I produced a similar photography based project in 2015/16 funded by Arts Council England). Hopefully with the amazing work going on in the hackspace we can get something going.

In the mean time I think I might have to dive in to a bit coding and resurrect a long dormant piece of work based on the 16bit era of video games :slight_smile:

Exciting times, and I’m glad to help out if I can.