Introduce Yourself to the Hackspace!


Hi all,

Just joined up now after having a tour around the space by @adam_prescott. I joined mostly as my daughter is interested in various things now, as she’s already a member of a Raspberry Pi club (unfortunately clashes with the Thursday Code Club) and is showing more & more interest in Scratch and Python, I felt that it would be an excellent opportunity for her to widen her skills… Plus she’s pretty excited at the prospect of a Sewing club!

As for myself, I’m a Systems Engineer / Platform Engineer, working with multiple tech stacks, and have a mini home-lab setup at home, nothing special, but I just like to tinker. Also interested somewhat in photography (although my skills are somewhat limited), electronics, mechanics.

Looking forward to getting more involved, and hopefully finding the time to get over as much as I can. I’ve started a new project with an ESP8266 (first foray into Arduino-type development) which I’m hoping to build something by December for my partners birthday.

Cheers :slight_smile: