Members Meeting - 13th August 2018



  • Healthy bank balance
  • Plenty to see us through, good cash flow
  • Funding from our last funding bid
  • Membership is at the same number as always
  • Gained 2 new members in the last month, but lost 5
  • Had an application for 10k but we sadly weren’t successful
  • Met with Ambition for Aging, covering 10 boroughs in Manchester
    • Interested in Men’s Shed
    • A bid for a couple thousand
    • Going towards extending Men’s Shed
  • Spoke to the Landlord, he was going to repair the ceiling
    • They’re going to try and do a few spots here and there
  • Electricity is almost paid off now, 260 a month back in our pockets!


New Space!

  • Met with our neighbours at our new space
    • Wooden Duck makes furniture out of reused wood
    • Mischief Kids who gave us the 3D Scanner, PAT testing
    • A multimedia ‘phigital’ company are moving in on our floor
    • There’s a music studio being built next to us
    • A few artists too!
    • A bowling club, archery, table tennis, a gym on the second floor
  • Good things happening at the new space
    • 10GB Internet!
    • More power!

Future Everything - 18th-19th August

  • No idea on numbers yet (est 10-15 kids)
  • Quite a few ideas for IOT-based stuff
  • Physical computing
  • We are offering our support and facilities
  • It’s going to be a challenge!

Homework Club

  • Kids who have low-income backgrounds, no internet, printers, etc
  • Give them the opportunity to use the place like a ‘library’
  • Certain behavioural agreements, restrictions set in place
  • Occurring in a date in Feb.


Building the hackspace - THE MOVE

  • We know where we’re going, we just gotta build it now!
  • Going to clarify access times so we can go during evenings and whatnot
  • Over the next week or two we’re going to start putting publicity out to get bodies involved
  • Lift is a bit too small to get up yet, so we will have to carry things up the stairs
  • Walls and ceilings need a bit of work, and the windows need changing
  • We’ve got to figure out what happens and when it’s going to happen, but let’s make a start anyway!
  • Ste is going to find out what the best and most cost effective method of sealing everything is


  • This is always a recurring problem and one that causes a lot of bickering
  • Try and leave the place tidier than you found it
  • If you see something out of place and you know who’s left it, let them know privately
  • Tidy up after yourself and make a positive change if you get chance
  • There’s always going to be issues with this, but let’s make it the best we can
  • Tool organization is important, put things back where you found them
  • We will probably arrange checklists of some kinds sooner or later for cleaning up

Alcohol and Smoking

  • Unless there’s an event on at the space, please do not consume alcohol here!
  • Please do not smoke near the fire escape as smoke comes back in
  • Do not leave cigarette butts laying around!



  • Designs are done, we just need to get everything into place for it
  • Ste is going to make a start on the finishing touches for the website next week