Member's Meeting - 1st October 2018



  • Katie can’t make it tonight


  • Membership is around 60 mark
  • Slight increases in income
  • Ste Tommo is renting space
  • Kirsty has left and gone to Mexico
  • Have a few people renting the space to make LARPing (live-action role playing) weapons


  • Had a couple of events recently
  • Recycle Teenagers event, went well, brought in a new member
  • Tenants assembly in golborne, we helped out with the tech, etc.

Upcoming events

  • Next Saturday [Second saturday of every month] - CTF
    • Try and get into the computer from outside of it
    • A challenge of problem solving, teamwork, and technical knowledge
  • 20th, 21st October - Power event at MOSI
    • Brian is leading this
    • Doing things about the Electric Grid
    • Making pylons and lighting LEDs
  • 27th, 28th October - Intelligent Bus Stop with Future Everything
    • Last one didn’t go well, 0 attendees
    • This one should hopefully go better, we’ve got a few lined up
  • 27th, 28th October [Evening]
    • Halloween event
    • Making pumpkins and other things
  • 17th November - Open day
    • A day for everyone to come and see what the space is about
    • Free and open for everyone
  • 23rd November - Google Garage
    • They’re coming to Leigh, and that’s all we know!
    • Watch this space! :slight_smile:


  • The Quiz Night trophy has been broken :frowning:
    • If something goes wrong please let us know
    • We’ve had stuff damaged and people don’t say anything
    • You’re not going to get in trouble for a genuine accident
    • If we know about an issue, we can fix it, so please tell us!
  • The Move!
    • Still on the cards
    • Floor 2 at the mill has been finished, so we can get help for floor 3
    • We’ve already got a few walls built now
    • Haven’t finished plugging the leaks and things quite yet
    • Lift is still not up and running yet
    • We’ve got plans, just need to get the framing done
    • A few people are available (hopefully) to help us handball things up to the floor
    • Open day at the mill - 27th October, official opening of Floor 2
    • Our floor is going to be the creative floor


  • We’re working on something to bring communications all together
  • Slack, Discourse, Facebook, Email, SMS, Website - tonnes of options but no centralised way
  • Something will be in the works to bring everything together
    • We may ask for a few details from members to add to our comms
    • Of course, all under GDPR so you can opt out or be forgotten at any time!


  • Interactive Coffee Table
    • Ste is working on a coffee table with loads of LEDs under it
    • A centrepiece for the hackspace
    • A grid of LEDs that can be programmed to do whatever you want
      • Games
      • Messages
      • Computer-vision stuff (i.e. put your coffee on it and it will light up underneath!)
    • Quite a mammoth task
    • Does anyone want to help out and volunteer to build this mammoth project?