Member's Meeting - 4th December 2017


Hackspace members meeting - December 2017


  • We’ve got more money these days!
  • 2600 quid in the bank
  • 58 paying members, a total of 1055 quid from memberships plus 20 from another on standing order
  • Got some money from AutoTrader - they gave us some funding
    • 880 quid for a workshop next year to get people with different skillsets, old and new, and teach eachother

CIF Bid:

  • Potentially up to the second stage
  • Pending further discussion with the panel
  • Not exactly a no, nor a yes just yet
  • Not many bids for the digital side
    • This would be to fund getting business incubation to get businesses online



  • We’re gonna have Steve doing project management
    • Meeting with Katie and Paul to discuss design
    • We’ve got a spec and a sitemap
    • Wireframe to imply functionality
      • Awaiting sign-off

Fobs and gocardless

  • Getting a system integrated with GoCardless so we can authenticate and identify people within the space
  • Integrated with our current hackspace management system
  • Fit devices onto equipment that members touch their fobs against to turn the device on
    • Authenticate people who have had safety training
    • Identify who is using what equipment


Bin situation

  • Katie is managing the bins now, taking them out once a week
  • Ensure that you rinse your stuff out that has food residue before putting in the bins!

Gas bottles

  • Steve has got an empty gas bottle that we can potentially make use of
  • However we can’t leave anything around, has to be connected to something


  • We’ve closed off an entire corner of the space off due to it leaking and damaging equipment
  • The leaks tend to pop up wherever there is standing water
  • Still haven’t got it sorted yet
    • Need to get in touch with the landlord
    • Discounting it until we get it fixed


  • Let us know when things are running low
  • Things like food, teabags, sugar, milk
  • Tuck shop items
  • Gas bottles


16th December - Quiz Night

  • Special christmas theme
  • There will be drinks and food!
  • Essentially a christmas do for hackspace members!

Makers Market

  • We had a makers market last Saturday
  • Wasn’t a huge success since it was black friday, comic con, etc
  • Refunded the people who came
  • Hopefully next time we’ll get a better date where everyone can come

27th January - Retro gaming event

  • We’ll be having some retro PCs
  • Retro consoles
  • Quake, Doom, other abandonware and open source engines
  • Get some interest in it, facebook event, advertising, etc
  • Design a poster that we can put onto facebook

eBay Day!

  • We REALLY need to get an ebay day done!
  • We’ve got some space here that is literally going to waste
  • Get it sorted, get it sold, get some space back