Members Meeting 4th June 2018



  • Nothing new to report
  • Going to put in a bid for things for the new space
  • Spoke to a few people are going to try and help us
  • People who attend will be volunteers, some people who come in external will be paid
  • Longer-term view, other organizations are in the new space, so we can help
  • Still paying bills, memberships up to 62
  • Ste is going to help out with some GoCardless sprucing-up


  • Just had a successful makefest
    • 23rd June - Computing event, Brian asked to help
  • Sewing class starts again 5th June
    • Last one for a while
    • Finishes mid-July
    • Next one will be in the new location
  • Bike Ride - 16th June
    • Cycling from here to Wigan
    • In partnership with Gearing Up
    • Potential for this to be a regular thing in the future too
    • We can provide bikes
    • Estimated mileage is 17.5 miles, get a free brew and a cake/pie at the end!
    • 13 places left, 19 booked!
  • Next Sunday - Leigh Carnival
    • Making a steady-hand game for one of the stalls!
    • Paul has released the source on GitHub
  • 20th June - Event in Wigan Town Hall
    • TfGM making a LORA network
    • Intelligent bus stops
    • Low bandwidth, long-range LAN
    • Launching a competition for kids to design something that works with it
    • We’re gonna attend, and do some work on the project
    • Big publicity, lots of fun
  • Manchester Grey Hats - every 2nd Saturday
    • We study computer security
    • Challenge to hack a vunerable virtual machine
    • Test your problem solving skills!
    • Just before the quiz, so feel free to stay


  • T H E M O V E
    • Most people have visited Spinners to have a look, if you haven’t, you can go every saturday 10am-2pm
    • It’s looking very positive
    • Huge space
    • We need to just get all the docs in place, wait for the preps to be finished, and we can move
    • We’re gonna need some help with this however
      • There’s a lot of things to move and build
      • Some things are already there, but we need to move things over
    • We’ve got an electrician on-site to get 3-phase installed for the kiln
    • Plumber will plumb to the front-door and we just do the rest
    • Twice the size of this space, and then some!
    • Going to add secure member storage
      • Build cupboards so people can secure things away for projects
    • Aim to be complete by start of November, but we will be starting the move next month


  • Website
    • We’ve got the look of a new website
    • Getting it all patched up and get all the fancy stuff onto it

Next members meeting will be 2nd July. If anyone’s got anything to suggest let people know!