Member's Meeting - 6th November 2018



New website, people asked to complete a short bio if they wanted to be on there
Talked about spinners
Saturday 24th Open Day - Members needed, got 5 already
Meeting to plan open day: After code club
Chase up TfGM/future everything about continuing with the LORA project.
Things missing out of RasPi toolbox, does anyone know where these have gone?
Arran Heaton to Catalog electronics and organise, using google sheets.
Pixel Table:
HS agreed to fund the full scale build around £300. Steven to provide quote and place order.
Potential to add touchscreen functionality with minimum effort, but at additional £300 cost. Directors to decide on spending.
New equipment:
Potential laser cutter from Arran
Proposal that we get a 12" disc sander
Proposal that we get a polisher
Faulty equipment:
Big table saw, safety cover bracket is loose and fouling on bade
Disc sander work plate is loose/falling off/fouling. Needs removing.
It’s been tidier, so thanks guys for your help!
If you get take out, please take greasy rubbish away with you
New system for getting rid of clutter…
* If you leave something out, put a post-it note on it
* If you find something random that’s been left for a few days, move it to the “lost and found”, then put a photo on slack.
* After 1 month it’s binned/recycled
Power event at MOSI was great but in future we need to plan more
Few people interested in becomming STEM Ambassidors, Katie to sort out.