Member's Meeting - 8th January 2018


Happy new year guys! As usual, here are the minutes from tonight’s member’s meeting!


  • 60 paying members
  • 2017 pounds in the bank account
  • We’ve sent out the VAT details so we can claim the VAT back

Move to spinners

  • We’ve had an email from Peter to arrange meeting
  • Arranging as soon as possible
  • Starting work on the spinners feb/march
  • Around summer they will be ready for us


  • We put an ambitious ask in, and they said no
  • But they’ve not completely said no, but want us to concentrate on particular aspects
  • We’ve rewritten our initial statement
  • They didn’t want to say no but just knocked us back. Want to give us some money but depends on terms


  • We want to have a major event each month different to the norm

Upcoming events

  • Sewing event start next week! - 6 weeks, 10 pound per week
    • Details announced on Facebook
  • 3rd March - dealmakers / hack-a-thon
    • Anyone who has an idea for a project or want a problem solving, bring them along!
    • Want some ideas for projects
      • Alexa Skills
      • Assistance for special needs
  • Robot wars
    • 3 Levels
      • back and forward
      • Remote controlled
      • Programmed
  • Raspberry Jams
  • Men’s sheds events
  • Maker’s market - May bank holiday
  • 31st January Games night
    • Going to have a push for retro gaming
      • 4 or 5 old PCs
      • Small LAN
      • Things like Doom, Quake, etc!



  • Fingers is doing the design
  • We’ve got the basic design and framework down
  • Get branding and unification across social networks and contacts

GoCardless / Hackspace Management System

  • New Hackspace management system ties in with this to invite people to Slack, set up Register etc
  • We can fire events every time there’s a new member - everything is realtime
  • Can add new plugins that listen on events
  • Angular 5 and throw it up on S3, cheap hosting, easy to build
  • Completely open source, gonna github it! :slight_smile:


  • Do not put crisps in the recycling bins - they do not recycle!




  • Do not put crisp packets in the recycling bins - they do not recycle!


Thanks for taking the minutes @Alex_Sumner :slight_smile: