Member's Meeting


Just to remind everyone that our regular monthly member’s meeting is this Monday at the Hackspace at 7.00pm. All members are welcome to attend to find out what is happening at the Hackspace and what is planned for the coming months,

Monday evening is also an open evening so if you haven’t visited Hackspace yet (or you know someone who hasn’t) pop along and have a nosey! :slight_smile:


As per usual, minutes by me :slight_smile:

Members Meeting - September 4th 2017


  • We have spent more this month than what we’ve made because we’ve had to spend more on supplies and paying our backpayments
  • We would be breaking even if it wasn’t for that
  • We’ve been working with our accountants and have made 2125 quid back from VAT
  • We’ve got 2426 quid in the bank account – 2 months of running cash, after the extras come in we’ll have 4 months running cash, good for a community organisation!


  • We’ve got a lot of old stock we want to get rid off
  • If anything wants to buy anything come along and take a look, strike a deal
  • If not we’ll put it on eBay
  • Anything anyone wants to keep around let us know
  • We’ve got an eBay Day - 16th september


  • We attended MakeFest in Manchester
    • A huge success
    • It was crazy busy
    • Developed some contacts
    • Didn’t cost us, and we had fun
    • We’ve got some good photographs from it
  • Raspberry Jam
    • We may not have had large numbers, but we had great engagement!
    • We’ve got some potential new members from it
    • Some good projects made from i!
  • Hac(kid)space
    • Really successful
    • Good fun
    • We’ve generated a membership out of it
    • Some people who went were home-ed, showed interest in using it as venue
  • Sewing class
    • Astonishingly succesful
    • Will be doing it again for sure!
    • We’ll be getting another set of sessions again

Upcoming events

  • This weekend - Canal Festival
    • Opportunity for us to go and have a look at Spinners
  • Saturday 7th October – Bar opens 7pm, night starts at 8 - Open Mic night
    • We’re going to try and publicise this as much as we can
    • Get some word out, get some resource together to help out
    • We’ll have a license so we can sell beer!
  • Cocktails and more too :slight_smile:
    • Tickets available through Eventbrite
  • Get Online
    • Joining Communities - “Walk into Work”
    • A walk down the canal
    • Come into Hackspace and learn to do some photo manipulation, and basic computer related things


  • Get the website back up to date
  • We’re going to introduce a monthly newsletter
  • Getting updates and things out on a regular basis


    • Get the sign-in system used
    • We can collect statistics to get funding
    • Helps us know what time things are popular
    • Helps improve the space
  • The roof
    • We’ve had leaks again
    • On to the landlord
    • Landlord promised that work will start September
    • We’re looking at moving because of this
  • Spinners
    • Moving is on the cards
    • It’s 4x bigger than what we’ve got here
    • We’ve got to plan for it and see how we can do it

Next meeting 2nd of October!