Monthly Member's Meeting


Just a reminder that the monthly member’s meeting in on the first Monday of each month.

Our next one is on the 7th August 2017 at 700pm.

All members are welcome to attend to find out what is happening and what is planned for Hackspace.


Hackspace members meeting minutes - Monday 7th August 2017


  • We have a good amount of money
  • We’d like to bring in additional members
  • We spent more money than we brought in over the past month
    • Paid first chunk of electricity bill
    • We’ve paid off the excess money we owed for second room due to business rate mistake
  • We want to run more workshops and events that bring more money in
  • We’re ticking along nicely, we should be bringing more in but we’re doing alright
  • Winter is going to be expensive
    • We should try and use the gas rather than electricity to keep the space warm
    • We’re hoping the leaks are going to be resolved, things aren’t too bad at the moment
  • We’re getting some legal advice from the council, so we can hopefully get roof sorted
  • Potential Spinners mill move some time next year!


  • We’ve had several meetings with people from the council and other organizations
    • Lot of excitement around the space
    • People are interested
    • It’s been suggested that we apply for the large CIF funding
      • It will require more work on our behalf
        • Logging attendance / volunteer hours
        • Logging footfall, popularity etc
        • Meetings, fixes, hoovering, all counted as voluneer hours
      • We need to share what we’re doing, show what we’ve used the space for, end results etc
        • Practical application of the given tools
        • Take photos, post things about things
        • Let’s get excited about what we do and show the world!
        • Share things on social media
  • We should do a bin run at some point; lots of rubbish to get rid of!
    • We need to make or buy a can squasher


  • Good successes with past events
    • Sewing course is sold out, all 8 tickets are sold and due to start soon
  • Quiz night this Saturday 12th
  • 19th and 20th, Makerfest in Manchester, Brian is helping out
    • Doing little soldering courses
    • Selling badges
    • Making apps with MIT app inventor, Scratch, arduino programming
  • 26th August - Raspberry Jam
    • Going to be doing it a bit different than usual
    • Instead of just being a free-for-all, there’s going to be tracks
      • Beginner, intermediate, advanced
      • Complete beginner setup
      • Introduction to coding
      • Introduction to physical computing
      • A big project to collaborate as a team for the more advanced ones
      • Going to get it advertised over the next week or two
  • September 8th to 10th - Canal Festival
    • Might be interesting to do something for this
    • Waving out the window, banners, etc
    • Perhaps remote controlled boats, drones etc
  • September 23rd - Open Mic night
    • Singing, poetry, writing, etc
    • We’re gonna have a license to sell beer!
      • We should have a poll on Discourse soon asking what beers people would like to see, so look out!
      • Potential supplier for beer
    • Each slot on open mic night is around 3 minutes, but it’s pretty flexible
  • 7th October - Open Day
    • Ties in with meeting we had from Mako Digital Arts
      • Drone programming
        • Assault course
        • People pay money for short session
        • Something to show on
        • Things to be put on at specific times, give some focus
        • General open day too
  • The Deal Makers
    • Spoke with Allison and Leslie
    • Organising with local authority
    • A focused hackathon for the council
    • They want to really do it right
      • Last time there wasn’t direction
    • Perhaps later in the year
    • Potential for Wigan STEAM to get involved


  • Hack the space day which directors will be doing
    • Improving the process around things
    • Spruce up the website
    • Get a few things into shape
    • Developing a welcome pack
      • Stick together a welcome email with useful links
        • The app thaat will invite you to slack
        • Discourse
        • Social media
    • The hackspace has a phone number
      • Gonna get a menu in place, ‘press 1 to speak to a member’, etc