New Member Joined Today


Hi all,

I’m Norman, a Clinical Physiologist at Manchester Royal Infirmary. I live in Prestwich, North Manchester.

Have joined Leigh Hackerspace because of a chance discussion with one of my patients this morning who has a ‘connection’ with a Leigh Hackerspace member.

My only connection with Leigh was some years ago, when I became an Adult Leader of Bent & Bongs Explorer Scout Section. During my time there I managed to train a few Explorers for the UK Amateurs’ Radio Licence exam.

Having just completed 30+ years in the NHS and so have the opportunity to take early retirement next year - I’ll have time on my hands to finally start Ham Radio projects, that I’ve accumulated over the years but never go round to do! My kitchen table has got smaller these days!

I am half way through my first year of a MEng degree with the OU, which has highlighted some interesting subjects that I would like to explore further.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon.

Kind Regards,



Hello Norman,

Welcome to Leigh Hackspace! We’ve certainly got a little more space available than your kitchen table :slight_smile: Thursday evenings may be of particular interest to you as we have our Code Club and Electronics Club meetings on that evening.

Looking forward to meetin you at the Space, and if you have any questions or there is anything we can help with please drop me a line.

Once again, welcome and good luck!