Propane foundry burner project


Looking for some assistance with finding/machining a part for the foundry burner which will connect from a female end of a propane hose of a caravan to a standard 22mm copper pipe.
The size of the female end of the propane connection is something called W20 or M20 which is unknown even with google search.


i can point you in the right direction if you haven’t sorted this already; firstly, it’s important to know that M20 and W20 are different types of threaded connections / thread types. M20 is a metric 20mm straight thread, and W20 is a 20mm tapered thread. you can buy a male W20 coupling, also known as a nipple or a pipe nipple off the internet with the other end to match whichever fitting you have / can get for the copper pipe. there’s loads of ways that you can make the connection with standard fittings and i’d look at a gas cooker fitting for the copper pipe end as a starter for 10. you can also buy an off the shelf W20 to M20 coupling here but there’s loads of places on the net sell similar couplings with end fittings to suit whatever you have… hope this helps