Want to learn Ceramic and share painting techniques


Hi everyone. This is Ula. I come from Hong Kong, graduated in master of visual art. My professional is painting. Now I am teaching Painting at home and in a private garden. I wish to join cause I really interested in ceramic. I learnt some basic in university but I would like to explore more and learn more new skills. I am happy to share the painting skills. May I know when I should start to join as a member for doing some ceramic works? I am wondering if who can give me a guide for using the tools there and let me know how to share the materials. And please let me know if there has any throwing wheel now. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Hi @Ula_Ula, you can join through our website as soon as you’d like to start using the space. Let me know when you’ll be around and we can arrange for you to meet some of the other people that are interested in ceramics.


Hi @Katie_Louise_Dixon I joined last month and yes, similar to @Ula_Ula… the kiln is the one thing I need some training on before I get going. When is a good time to come in? I can’t always make the usual ‘open’ times/nights. Or let me know who’s already trained and I’ll ask them to show me?.. Thanks x


Hi Katie, thank you for replying. I am available on this Friday and next Wed at day time. And Monday and Tuesday at night time. After next week, I will be available on Monday All day and Wednesday Day time. Sorry that my time is too complex and thank you so much. :slight_smile:


@Vicky are any of these times good for you? I have quite a busy week next week. Perhaps we should make an event of it and book something in for the week commencing 24 July? @Ula_Ula when are you free on or after 24th July?


@Katie_Louise_Dixon @Vicky Yes! I can do it on or the week of 24 July. Only I can’t do on Wednesday night and Friday and Sunday Morning

It would be the best on 24 July for me :slight_smile:


Hi @Katie_Louise_Dixon,which day will you be in hackspace in this coming week?


sorry I just realised I didn’t reply. aaargh, I am out with the kids a fair bit this week. Mainly afternoons though. Could do a morning this week for an hour? sorry again for missing this


@Ula_Ula @Vicky how are we fixed for this Friday morning? You guys available?


Fri morn is OK with me, what time?


@Katie_Louise_Dixon I am sorry that I can’t because I just noticed I will need to go hospital with my partner on this Friday morning :frowning:

Any other days you will be there next week?

Thank you so much


Hi @Katie_Louise_Dixon @Vicky
I am still interested in joining the membership of hackspace and I wish I can do some ceramic works there. Is it possible we can make a day for meet up again? I am available in every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday all day, Thursday night, Friday and Saturday morning. Thank you very much!


Sounds good, I’d still like training on the kiln :+1:

If the move is too imminent can we schedule in a date/time for the new space?

Let me know if/when you are doing any more packing days. Trying to make the Mon night members mtgs to find out just isn’t viable for me with the children in tow, so keep me posted if you can. Thanks xx


Hi @Vicky, seems @Katie_Louise_Dixon is really busy. Can you show me the ceramic area and let me know how you guys share the tools and materials and tell me the rules for using that space first? I am learning ceramic in the Clay Studio in the moment, but I wish I can practice more and meet some ceramists. I saw you mentioned that they are moving, can I know the update of that and can anyone tell me when is the best time to join as the membership? :slight_smile: Thank you so much! Llll