Welcome to Leigh Hackspace Discourse


Facebook is a great way to have a public face, to share Makes, to talk about events that are upcoming, and generally be the open front door of Hackspace.

But sometimes it’s format makes it hard to discuss stuff like projects, planning of events, and internal discussion.

That’s why we now have a Discourse forum which is an ideal place for more comprehensive discussion. It’s primarily an online forum, but it will integrate with email - you can get notifications about replies or if someone mentions you on Discourse - and you can also reply via email.

This forum is still open to the whole wide Internet and anyone can join. Eventually it may become the primary method of discussion for members. There are some closed groups, mainly for internal discussion/management of the shop and CIC matters. If you want to see inside these groups just ask.

Enjoy Discourse and I hope you like it, it’s a great and very flexible forum platform, quite different from some of the clunky slow old fashioned fora you may have seen in the past!