New projects can be Proposed here. Once accepted, a new sub-category will be created for them in which planning can be tracked.

Wigan Council 'The Deal' Hackathon

This forum (really a subforum of Leigh Hackspace's Discourse Forum) is for chat, discussion, idea sharing, and collaboration for the Wigan Council / Leigh Hackspace 'The Deal In Action' Free Civic Hack Day

Code Club Forum

Leigh Hackspace runs a free Code Club (registered with the national organisation) which is aimed at children and adults who want to learn to code (program computers). Our members provide help and advice voluntarily and in their own time.

Home Educators Sessions

This area is for information and discussion about the Leigh Hackspace Homeschoolers' Sessions. Please feel free to use this area to discuss any aspect of the homeschool sessions, to suggest ideas and request a specific skill to be taught.