Mindmapping javascript(helped out by CHatGPT)

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You can try it at https://sujitmindmap.000webhostapp.com/minmap0.1.html

HI I wanted to share my javascript minmapping project

I wanted to create a minmapping app that will run on windows, ubuntu, ios and android without any alteration. I asked chat GPT which suggested using React framework but I wanted to do it natively so went with plain javascript. Its my furst time building a javascript gui,

The existing mobile minmapping apps for android are really distracting as they insist on overlaying an input window over your mindmap. (see simplemind etc) I previously spoke to the devs at simplemind that said it was impossible to fix (QED!). I asked chatGPT how to fix this and it suggested a hidden input window and this works a treat. Had to implement some workarounds to keep the android keyboard from hiding.

Runs ok on Ubutu, windows and android. ios is funny in that you cant easily view downloaded html files but should run fine off the weblink.

you can try it out by clicking his link i hosted


  1. double click (doubletap) to create mainmap node or a child node
  2. type to add text to the node
  3. you can drag a node with mouse./finger
  4. you can select a node by tapping it - selected nodes have a dashed circle
  5. delete a node by clicking del button on the gui

Programming notes
succinct (160 lines of code)
nodes array holds the mindmap each entry has x,y, label, children array
there is an assumption that each node only has 1 parent but this is how minmaps work for me.,.
move and delete use recursive subroutines for iterating through the trees (ChatGPT’s idea which I thought was very clever)
chat GPT completely failed at helping with the deleteselectednode subroutine which took me ages to debug (2 days) main problem being how to recursively delete the nodes while maintaining the child node relations

Next Steps:
0. doesn’t handle window frame size optimally across desktop/android properly

  1. Add load/save/cloud save
  2. Handle longer text entries and smaller display sizes for each subsequent generation of nodes
  3. smart iterative autocomplete e.g, numbers, days, dates

Any ideas, comments or suggestions would be appreciated

I Wanted to share an update on m y Minmap project: javascript platform agnostic mindmaps
It can be accessed as a webapp at https://minmap.vercel.app
works on ios, android, windows, mac, linux

new features:
interatively smaller nodes
Interface: simple splash screen, pinchzoom, pan, colours, rounded rectanges, dynamically resizing nodes
cloud save/load to dropbox (you can share with others if you share your folder in dropbox)

Next to do
cut/paste nodes
google drive integration

Would really appreciate any feedback or suggestions to improve it.
The code got bigger and needs streamlining/optimisation

Just putting some updates on my project…it does mostly what I need it to do now

added copy/paste nodes
local and cloud (dropbox) save
auto zoom to extents

link still remains the same https://minmap.vercel.app
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