OPEN DAY! Saturday 18th February

Leigh Hackspace Open Day

After a longer than expected hiatus, Leigh Hacksapce is opening its doors to the public on Saturday 18 February between 10 AM - 4PM

Our community makerspace is a welcoming and engaging environment for makers of all ages, providing shared facilities for people to get creative, realise their ideas and make stuff!

Pop in, say hello and sample some activities you could try your hand at in Leigh Hackspace:

Cyanotypes - light sensitive print making technique that pioneered photography in the 1800s

Make a pin cushion - quick and simple sewing project, take your pin cushion home with you

Make a keyring - we’ve salvaged a bunch of electronics components you can encase in resin

Solderless electronics - try your hand making some simple circuits

Electro-acoustic jam session - experiment with instruments made using salvaged materials from our hackspace

With a diverse variety of ever-evolving facilities we have a bunch of cool equipment you might not have access to elsewhere. Not only do we have tons of space for people to make their projects, we encourage our members to shape what the space provides. If you feel we’re missing something that would add value to the community, we’ll work together towards providing equipment to share and make even more cool stuff possible.

Leigh Hackspace is a membership organisation, it works similarly to a gym. Instead of providing access to equipment for working out, we’re encouraging the community to flex their creative muscles!

If you’re looking for a creative social space to meet, make and share your ideas and skills, why not drop by on Saturday 18th February between 10 AM - 4PM to check out what we’ve got to offer?